CultureRoomEquipmentRoomThe Yang laboratory occupies a new 1200-sq. ft lab space and is well equipped for modern biochemical, molecular biological and cellular biological research. Recently, the lab has purchased an Olympus IX51 fluorescent microsope, a FluorchemQ imager, and a Bio-Rad Helios Gene Gun system. On the same floor within 20 feet, the laboratory has access to two equipment rooms, a tissue culture room, and a darkroom.

ConfocalMicronIIAll department core equipment is located in the same building. They are a SensiQ Pioneer SPR system, a neonatal electroporation system, a LKC UTAS-E3000 electroretinographic device, a FV1000 Olympus confocal laser scanning microscope, two electron microscopes (one of which is a new JEOL flagship JEM-1400 with a 16 Megapixel GATAN camera), a Heidelberg Spectrialis OCT imaging, a real-time Micron mouse fundus imaging, an autoclave, two glassware washers, etc.

The Moran Eye Center has a brand-new spacious core vivarium located in the basement of the same building. Vivarium technicians are responsible for feeding animals and maintaining a clean and comfortable living enviroment for animals. A veterinarian is available in consultation to insure that animals are maintained in good health.

Finally, the Yang laboratory has access to various core facilities of the University of Utah and the University of Utah School of Medicine.